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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbc rld news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. [ funding fothis presentation is made possible by the freen foundation of w york, stowe, veont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundaon, and the john. and catherine t. macarthur foundation.] >> to china's economy powers ahead. 8% growth leaveshe rest of the wod gaspi. the deadliest months yet f troops in afghistan. but america's top soldier is defined. if we t it right for the peop, the people will get the taliban ou >> colums has said wille the base of u.s. troops in south amera.
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--olumbia has said it ll be the base of s. troops in south america. comingp later for you,0 years on, apol'sission to the moon. and he is 17 years od and it's just sailed ound the world. -- and has just sailed aund the wod. hello to you. the world'third largest economy i booming again, and at is news because th chinese economy is growing at astonishing pace. apparently, shrugging off global recession. are ere leons there for t rest of the wod? china haschieved an annual grow rate of nely 8% between aril and june even though its exportmarkets can europe and elsewhere collapse.
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it has ordered banks to lend, land, land. >> china is backn buness soonerhan some had expected. there a signthat a recovery is underway he. comnies are buying re equipment, hirinmore staff, customers are mo optimistic. the government says they are still cautious, though. prices are dropping, they pointed out today. inflation isot healthy for any ecomy and are sill serious challenges ahead. recoveryrend is still unsble. this recovery struure is still unbalanced. there civil and unknow factors in tir process. for e next pha of the process, we need to fully imement the principles of scientif development. >> what that means is they want to see improvement in l sectors of the economy before
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ty say a full-fledgedecovery is under wa the governme's stimulus package has creed lots of jobs, but the expt sect is still sufferg. >>o far, we believe tt the main driver has been the government'sçstimulus, csing an incree in fial sending well as a massive increase in banking credit. it has led to infrastructure related investments. at the same time exports continue to decline. global finance have t contributed positively t t -- glol demand have not contributed psitively to china's grow. >> if china is on the road to recovery, thais good news for the rest of us. not because it is strong eugh for --to pull other countries t of a slump,robably not. but because if the world's ird largest ecomy had continued to decline, thawould have me the glob picture a lot worse.
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>> a canaan soldi has been killed in afghanian. july is now the deadliest month for internationalroops since the r began nearlyight years o. nato forces are fighng an increasingly difficult battle agnst the talibann their soutrn hearand. talking to the bbc, the top amican commander has admied the taliban e getting stronger, but he insists defeatinghem aspossible. >> people ak me how long. i do not know how long. i know it has gotten progressively worse over the pa three or threend a half years nce 2006. the taban has gotten much better, muchore violent, much more organed. there is going to beighting thats associad with thi but that not the main effort. in the end, if we get it right for the afghan people, the afghan pele will throw th taliban out.
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and at is the answer in a counteriurgency. here inritain, the deaths of 15 troops so r in july had pushed afghanistan to thtop of the political agea. the government is struggling to rebut claims that shortage of helicopters is harming british military opetions. prime mister gordon brown has faced tough questions from lawmakers. >> inthe blisteringeat of an afghan summer, british forces are fighng a detmined enemy the harshest of conditions. today, the polital heat back at home wasurned on gordon brown as a select committee ied to pin him down owhy he refused theequest of mility chiefso sendore troops t helmand. id the military mmanders request ditional troops? >> we got 8150 troops now.
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nobody is suggesting 10,000 troops. >> i'm ying to get to a yes or no. >> you he to understand a riety of options wer considered >> lives on the front les in helmand are putting -- being put at risk byack omen and helicopts. >> the force is not lge enough. it needs to be bger than it is. in the case of the helicopters, you kno there is no doubt that soldiers will be dying because there is a lack of helicopters inhe country. it is a no-brainer. >> the uk has 20 transport helipters in afghanistan for a troop -- a for of 9000 troops in huddy beckham i will send extra 15 helicopters by 2011.
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at is in contra to the nearly000 chinooks used he marines inelmand. on one of tir last exercises with troops on small airplane -- on a salsbury plane, but the rest wl be sent bachere. >>hey never tell us there have been on any front. and what i was out there, i never to my commanders are s happy. ople always want more one of the creek -- aways want more. one of theey question is, do weave enough the answer is, yes. >> know wherelse have the qutions of resourc for the
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campaign ha resonated as loudly as in britain. >> t head of iran posin nuclear agencyas resigned after 12 yearsn the post. -- the head o ian's nuclear ency has resigned after 12 years in the post. it is not clearrom media reports whether his resignati is linkedç to a vote. the united nations has dlared new sanctns against north orea appeared countrs will now be bned from ing business with north korea's fine five main firms. india has said there wille no
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formal peace lks until pakistan bringof those responsible for theumbai attacks justice. techcians we setting up a stage of the velodrome stadium when a crane colpsed. th cncert has been cancelled. the combian government is saying it is close to an agreement with the u. that would make it a ll of arican milita operations in the region. -- a hub o american mility operations ithe region. it is a move kely to be opposed by those who argue that columbia and the continent's sereignty is bei compromised. >> colombia reserves -- recved so $6 million a year forts military. it haside the knowledge that
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amican aid has been y to the president's succesul offensive against marxist guerrillas. the details have yet to be finazed, but what is certain is that three ai bases in colombia will host u.s. aircraft, capable of natalie' buying out theerrain below, but intercepting commucations across t region. columbia pos acting defense nister was in sight -- colombia's acting dense minister wasnsistent that thi was givin t u.s. great access to ourases. columbias onlyllowing a maximum of 800 litary psonnel and 600 contractors. >> t air bases selected may also host u.s. troops the move comes after the
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combian president refused to move the exting air base. is an open secret that the list of possible locations for s. military personnelas limited, as columbia is really the last uncondition american ally in the region, rrounded by left-wing regimes that are not the friendly with the u.s., amon them, ecuador, bivia, venezuela anduba. relations have improd since mr. obamaook the whiteouse. there is now the open -- there is now no open abuse that they had to endure under president bush. th is not just begins to po on dgs -- but this not just in support of e war against drugs, but against the rebels and drug cartels.
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the country's bloody civil nflict entered its 40 figure. >> an airline worker in californ has been convicted of passing spac shule secrets to t chineseovernment he was und guilty of passing informatio to cna for more than0 years. an estimated 300,00 pagesf documents re found at h home. it is hard believe ts is amera's first economic espionage trial is it clear what damage was done here? it is not clear the extent of th damage. reallythis case was all about e mechanisms thathe ued, the fact thahe had -- according to the precution -- contact by chese officials. a letter was found dated987 at his home askinhim to provide information, tecical information ecifically about a
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queuei system for a booster rocket -- fueling system for a boter rocket. he worked forhe space shuttle ogram. tre were thousas and thousands documents found his home. according to him, he s not a sp heaid that he had these materials because waa pack rat. all of these sensitive documents had to be working -- had to be locked up at the en of the worky and that is what is accud of not doing. he faces someing le 90 years inail, doesn't he? the rest of h life. >> yeç he faces multiple charges anwe understand that the minimum commendation from the prosecution will be about 20 years. he is a man of 73. a maxum sentee of potentially 90 years.
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>> tnk you very much, indeed. stay with us if you can. still to come, dancing across the divide, the first foreign ballet to visit cuba in years. fit tugh, an extraordiny rao has brok outn india between two senior women politicians over -- the confrtation, rape victims. oneeclared that the money fered to the rape victims was demeaning. tt has led to arrestnd she has also had h house burned do. > after an angry speech, the arsonttack. congress politician -- a congress politicns house was set ablazend her cars destroyed. l of this because of controversialemark against a
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powerfulpolitician in india and an icon ohe low-cost community. criticizin herosition on rape victims at a rally, she saidhe compention was so low was demeaning. one girl was rape was given 25,000 rees. then the huand of a newlywed, a deaf and dumboman whoas raped, was given 25,000 rupee all of them should he drawn the monein their facesnd said, we will ve you 10 million rupees if you were ped. >> the wordas come back to haunt her. despite the fact that she regrets making e comments, she has been arrested. she was e next two wksn policeustody. she h been crged with ming inflammary speeches. but if anything, this ha only fanned the political flame india's parliament had to be adjourned over --after heated
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exchangeover the issue. while many condemned her remarks, and oths accuse her riva of a political vendetta, tting the stage it appears, for even more corontation. bbc newsa deli. >> see the news unfold, go to to see the expert reporng of bbc world news online. you can read e latest headlines, get the top stors from around the globe, and get th video report. discover more about the ducks that interest you and find out what issues the world is talking about right w. the bbc world news online, go to
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>> the headlines for you on bbc worlnews this o, china is growing faster thanny other major economy. its gdp expanded nearly 8% in the past three months, despite the trend of glob receion it was no question a gia lea, one of humankind's greatesacts of exploration. and 40 year ago tod, when the three men on brd apollo 11 start of their missiono the moon, they blasted off from cape canaveral in florida. matthew price is there. >> you're at the kennedy spa center, astronauts il armstrong -- >> the missionhat changed mankind. th video has beenigitally enhance and just releed. it shows embedded detail, th owning part of a mison that the wld watched in awe. >> it is one smalstep foran
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one giant leap for mankind. >> under the bulk of thsaturn 5 lunar rket, the apollo astronauts gathered. among them, buzz aldrin, who 40 years a today was taking off for the on. >> justhe though of the magnicence of human beings achieving that point of advancement d maturity,to be able to hop in a rocket like this, launched off to the moon three and a ha latdayslater land in spacecraft. >>he mission w a product of ld war rivalry, the space race. the u.s. r verses the u.s.. it was a displayof americans are promising. the technology develope then looks outdatedow. çbut apollo's the scientif
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advances are around us every day. freeze dried fruit was develed fo the mission. so,oo,the nutrients that pact -- thatre paed into baby food the ements of the blow e st buster, even the shop -- shock absorbing tt technogy of a cycling helmet. still, some feel this was a wasted opportity. once man has stepped on the on, the funding had all bu dried up. the hopes of traveli further all but vanished. nevertheless, thiss a mission that continues to insre. new bidders he emergeof a bizarre incident -- n pictures have emerged of a bizarre incidein the 1980's when michael ckson's hair caught fire. he was i the mide of filming a commercial and theireworks set light to his hair. was prescrib -- he had second and trd degree burns. he was dcribed painkillers and some have said this is the start
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of his addiction -- he was prescribed painkillers and some of said this was t start of his adction. thand the royal ballet has not been made possle in part b th cuban foreign ministe -- has been made possle in part by the ban foreign minier. >> all of the royal ball's 96 dancers have comtoavana, ong with artiic and technical staff it is the cultural event of te year. e driving force behindhe store is the comny's cuban rn star, carl acosta. > i alwaysreamed that i could do and ce home and show my people what i have learned in all these years. the dreams sometim do come true andhis is o o these cases.
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> crowds were gathering outside of town 's grand theater hours before opening ght. -- h sanavana's grantheater hous bere opening night. the founder of th national ballet helped ma this poible. classical blet can be a little repetiti, so we are really excited to e something new and different,his woman told me. this man said he felt usually privileged to finall get to see the royal ballet. -- he felt hugely priveged to finall get to see theoyal ballet. >> tickets soldut witn hours, so ty directed giant screens next to the theater for those who cannot get in t watch it live at lst. >> the visits partly to ve cubans a chance to see works that have never been performed on the island before.
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this wth regret by wayne mcgregor. --his was choreographed by wayne mcgregor. the rest wertimeless claics that they knowo well. and carlos acosta rose to the casionith at a beautiful perfoance, a realization oa dream th will be remembered by many here for years tcome. >> very different scenes, chaotic once, t u.s. military urt in guantanamo bay. the five men accused of planning the 9/11 attacks are onrial. some othe men, including the alleged mastermind,ecided to boycott t hearing. a judge rulethat they would not be ableto speak icourt. jonathan, what is going onere? >> i have en to so othese hearin before, mike, and this was the mos chaotic so far.
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these fiv defennts would be pearing in court and when the started the seion, none o them werehere. then the wasord that one of them was on his way. there was a recess and the of thewere in court. one the three sa he was leavg because the judgeould not let him speak. i do not think much was achieved in court. you did get a sense of t contempt that thes defendants have for this whole process, not just the fact that they did not ppear at first, but f exampl one ofhem through a bigger plane athe otheas the session was closing. is is a controvsial trial, as w know. buthe hearings continue. ty're just noachieving that much. at they're waiting is to get the signalrom barack obama as to whether this process can continue in a revised form or whether they wildo somethin completely different, like move these five men to the mainland
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for a trial in cilian court. >> it is hard to blieve, a you describe it atbout something serious. there is a qséinn about whether these men a mentally compent toepresent themselves. and yetthey're not required to attend, arthey? >> they are not required to attend. the mility lawyers defending these men did not even lookfor two of t detainees to appear court. there were happy to make their guments without them. i think wt you saw was the prosecution wanted em to appe in court. what happened evtually was the lawyers who defendethese two detainee's' questions aut their mental health went into som detail. but asoon as they got into any detail, the audiofeed in the courtroom was cut. this was meant t be
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confidential informion. we heard something about sleep deprivation. has been frustrating for both sides. what they're looking for is a clear signal from barackbama as to wh is going to happen, how are these men gointo be tried? some of the members of the families of the victims of 9/ were witnessing these events. the interesng thing from them, they all say -- l nine of them involved inhis process -- they all say that is process shouontinue. >> it is our pcess, indeed. -- a bizarre process, indeed. >> a teenage ameran sailor s returned a the youngt pern to sail around the wor alone. crow of well-wishers greeted
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the 17-year-old as he arriv i marina deley. he brokehe reco of an 18- year-old australi. he said, yes, iould do it again aytime. it is thadventure of it all. it is something that you can do and gethe rush that you need. and, he said, it isor a good cause. thanks for being with us obc world ws. you can get much more when you needed at >> bc world news" is presented by kcet, los angel. [ funding for this presentatn is made possib by the freeman undation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolu, the newman's own foundation, and the john d. and catherint. macarthur undation.]
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